What We Do

The Company started in July 2018 as a boutique financial services group having seen the gap in funding working capital cycles in the local and international contracting industry including contract mining, construction and manufacture to order suppliers.

Focussed on the larger project markets, including all disciplines of engineering and specialist contractors, servicing both the international and local market.

Sponsored Advance and Retention Discounting Products

To fill the gap in working capital cycles within the local and international contracting industry, a working capital solution was developed by Capital Breakthru Solutions, together with Insurance major Santam to release working capital for contractors and their supply chain.


This patented “Sponsored Advance and Retention” discounting products are a risk-based working capital solution that leverages a guarantee provided by Santam to obtain funding for Contractors from commercial and development banks.

This solution is based on the economic merits and metrics of the construction project, as well as the reputation, capacity and proven capability of the contractors, to provide immediate working capital on a project basis. The Product can take the form of either an advance payment or a discounted retention receivable payment on an awarded contract.

These bridge-funding products support improved delivery of projects by all within the project supply chain, across all disciplines of engineering and specialist contractors.

This will include EPC contractors, main contractors, their sub-contractors and suppliers.

This solution improves project liquidity and reduces business risks, allows for productive cash conversion of profits retained in retentions and enhances profitability and competitiveness by using the additional liquidity to secure buying and escalation gains, settlement and trade discounts, and the like.

Significantly, the solutions support the growth of the businesses and realisation of shareholder aspirations. The cost of the facility is fully tax deductible and there is no change to the contractual terms with the employer other than the requirement for the employer to cede the contractual payments.

Reliability of cash flows are vastly improved, and the solution complements existing banking facilities, while enhancing overall security arrangements

The structured finance solutions are available internationally and in all major foreign currencies.

Santam has good international credit rating and through its partnership with Sanlam Emerging Markets, has a presence in 32 countries in Africa, India, South East Asia, China, UK, United States and Australia.

Debtors Discounting and Factoring

Through our associations with various financial institutions we can service our clients with assisting them to obtain debtor discounting and factoring solutions to increase cash flow as it allows businesses to instantly release the cash value of their invoices.

Debtor discounting is a financing process which involves the discounting of invoices for clients prior to due date, which therefore shortens and enhances the cash flow period.

Factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance in which a business sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount. A business will sometimes factor its receivable assets to meet its present and immediate cash needs. This can be done with or without recourse.

General Financial Consulting and Advisory Services

Through our past experience we can assist clients with general financial consulting services which includes:

  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Deal structuring and funding;
  • Capital and debt raising;
  • African operations and tax consequences;
  • BB-BEE structures;
  • Corporate Disposal transactions

Property Investment and Funding

Through our networks we can assist clients to raise property finance and/or to find buyers for bulk property investments and to find investors for property developments.

Asset Based Lending

Through our associations with various financial institutions we can service our clients with assisting them in obtaining funding for capital equipment. This can take the form of leases, rental, instalment sale and sale and leasebacks on paid-up equipment.